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4 Favorite Universities in the Netherlands for International Students

The Netherlands is one of the homes for the best world’s universities. There are eight top universities in the Netherlands seeding the one hundred best world’s universities. What are the best universities that you enroll in the Netherlands? Here is the list of favorite Netherlands universities.

University of Amsterdam

The first choice is the University of Amsterdam. It is the biggest educational institution and campus in the Netherlands. There are 31.000 students learning in this university. It was founded in 1632. University if Amsterdam offers a bachelor and posts bachelor degree with many English classes in a master program. You can enroll in this university to gain knowledge and science.

Delft University of Technology

TU Delft University of technology is listed to one of the favorite universities in the Netherlands. It is the oldest technical university in the Netherlands. Based on its name, this campus is focusing on technical science, computer, maths, applied science, and technology management. It has a total number of 19.500 students. You can become a part of the student’s number.

Utrecht University

It was established in 1636. Utrecht University becomes one of the prestige campus and universities in Europe. There are 30.000 students learning knowledge on this campus. Utrecht University has claimed 12 nobles that are got by the graduate students and ex-staffs there. You can be a part of that top university.

Leiden University

What is the last choice of favorite campuses in the Netherlands? You can take a choice of Leiden University. This university is established in 1575 by William I. He was a founder of Netherlands monarchy. This university is the main branch of 40 research institutions having a good relationship with many leaders both international and national. There are 23.000 students selecting the campus being a destination of the study program for some subjects starting bachelor degree to doctor. Those are some favorite universities in the Netherlands that you choose.

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