double automatic watch winder

Features to look when you buying a double automatic watch winder

When you buy a double automatic watch winder, then there are several features that you need to consider. There are many watch winders and comes in straightforward items in a fairway. Besides, you need to still count at these important components when buying a double automatic watch winder.

  • This is a crucial importance for those who want to buy watch winder. When you buy a double automatic watch winder, please be sure that you have the warranty at least a 2-year warranty. Depend on the price and the intricacy from the automatic winder; there are some brands that may slide with the manufacture warranty. Just be sure, when you buy watch winder, ensure it has a good warranty term and condition.
  • Single, dual or multiple? To decide which one that best for you, ask yourself, how many watches you have and how many of them you able to wind with the watch winder. The watch winders are items that definitely for collectors that have more than one automatic watch. You need to look forward on how common you use your watches. How often you switch the watches, the number of watches.
  • Such as your watches, you need for absolute precision when you buy watch winder. Your watch winder is set with certain winding accuracy per day. For example, WOLF Heritage designed with 900 winds that better-known turns per day. The precision is the accuracy you want to keep the timepieces for perfectly synchronizes.
  • PU leather. The PU leather keeps the static and other electricity forms that potentially ruin watch battery because of the magnetization.
  • Size attachments. If you have big watches, then it is important for you to buy the one that can accommodate larger watches winders with an additional mechanism that can be removed or placed in an easy way.

Overall, the design and personal style come together with the functionality of double automatic watch winder that you want to buy.

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