Study in the Netherlands

Guide tips before study in the Netherlands

The number of students that study in the Netherlands for Indonesian is increasing significantly. In 2016/2017 academic year, Netherland has 112.000 international students and becomes the largest number to count. When you are studying in the Netherlands you will receive the high-notch education from the first non-English speaking country which offers higher education conducted in English that designed specifically to foreign students.

  1. Choose your city. When you are studying abroad, the first thing that you should consider is found the destination that really has a strong connection or gives you a good feeling about it. There are many beautiful and lively cities in the Netherlands that connect with students. The famous city is Amsterdam where offer you Old Dutch city. The other city, Rotterdam is more modern skyline that becomes houses for much impressive architecture in the Netherlands. If you feel adventures, then you may want to choose a smaller city but still student friendly such as Groningen. This is the perfect city to connect with traditional Dutch culture while getting benefit from the large international student population.
  2. Choose your program. Some students prefer to choose the program they interested or universities and settle down wherever dream education can be found. There are many (hundreds) English language program and courses available in the Netherlands that fit with everybody interest. As for Indonesian, the popular program to choose when study in the Netherlands includes environmental science, economics, law, and fashion management.
  3. Prepare application. Once you have decided where to live and what you program you choose, the next step is to prepare an application. Depend on the home country, there is some admission requirement that may differ. Hence, check well in advance due newest date to ensure you complete the application entirely.
  4. Search accommodation. After you have submitted into desire program and universities, the next step is to start thinking where you need to stay in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, find affordable housing can be hard and many universities in the Netherlands that guarantee student housing.
  5. Settle to the culture. No matter the city or town you live, when you are far away from home, it will always experience the culture shock. It is important to recognize the culture shock and get completely normal with the way you do. Dutch people are opening minded and they are interested in people from other cultures and countries. They also people that very well in English communication. Read the culture. Include common practices and tradition will help you to pass the culture shock well.
  6. Enjoy and get fun with your abroad study. And for Indonesian or other international students, once you settled for study in the Netherlands, the next step is to start to enjoy the abroad study experience.

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